Spiritual Materialism

Interesting London based artist working on the intersection between materiality and spirituality: 

‘“Spiritual Materialism” is a collection of artifacts from the spaces in-between,’ Lauder explains, ‘reflections on the human hunger for profundity and although at the same time influenced by a number of cultures, pointing the finger in the direction of our common human heritage.’ Drawing on both religious and spiritual iconography, Lauder’s illustration work is complemented by his woodworking prowess... Despite heading to Bali to surf and escape the British summer (i.e. slightly warmer rainy season), Lauder found himself in a familiar location: the studio. ‘It was pretty tough finding a balance between enjoying the island life and making work for the exhibition,’ he says. ‘I basically shut myself away for six weeks in the studio and then when the [work] was done tried to cram in as much time in the water as possible.’

The exhibition's crafted and material focus is quite interesting to me. It strikes me that the artist is touching on an old nerve related to the making of religious books, which drew upon a similar sense of the spirituality of things.