On Humanities and Technology

“Edwind Land, when Steve was starting out, the guy who started Polaroid, said that the place to stand is at the intersection of the humanities and technology. And we do [tend to have this binary] in this day and age, which is why I like writing about Ben Franklin and Einstein, because these are people who combine love of science and love of humanities. This is what you get with Steve Jobs as well. And that sort of explains to me a whole lot of it - that part of his mind that was artistic and poetic, and that part of his mind that was a business man and engineer. And for many people that doesn’t come together, especially technologists. They don’t have the feel for art, but Steve did.” -Walter Isaacson, “Interview on the Biography Steve Jobs,” on The News Hour, 29 October 2010, http://youtu.be/b_MyXrxFF1A