Conversational Philosophy

Western philosophy has its origins in conversation, in face-to-face discussions about reality, our place in the cosmos, and how we should live. It began with a sense of mystery, wonder, and confusion, and the powerful desire to get beyond mere appearances to find truth or, if not that, at least some kind of wisdom or balance.

Nigel Warburton, "Talk With Me," Aeon Magazine - 

Excursus: The article begins with Wittengenstein's year in Norway, which remains an excellent model for deep thought. It echoes Heidegger's mountain hut and so many others. The key is to focus on the imagination and willingness to listen to others. Nonetheless, there are conversations that stay with us, questions asked that we can only answer after years tucked away in quiet places. Lastly, lest we forget, although Socrates disparaged writing in the Phaedrus, he did so within ear of his secretary Plato.